a glass bowl with ice cream topped with a habanero chilli on a table
a glass bowl with ice cream topped with a habanero chilli on a table

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Wholesale Inquiries about Toad Sweat

Greetings from Peppered Palette!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our website where flavour meets innovation. At Peppered Palette, we take pride in curating unique culinary experiences, and we're excited to announce that we're currently in the process of crafting something extraordinary just for you. We've new versions of our current sauces as well as new flavours in the pipeline for launch later in 2024.

Toad Sweat - the Original Dessert Hot Sauce - Created for use on ice cream!

While our virtual kitchen is simmering with creativity, we want to share a sneak peek into our latest venture - Toad Sweat dessert hot sauces, specially crafted for chilli aficionados like yourself. We've brought our US born sauces to the UK and they're available today. Get ready for your customers to embark on a culinary journey where the heat of peppers collides with the cool sweetness of their favourite frozen treat!

What's Cooking?

Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to bring you a B2B platform that will redefine the way you experience Toad Sweat hot sauce. We're shaping an online space that caters to your business needs. We've started with our cases of Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauces and Flamous Five sets and one can order here after contacting us to verify your wholesale credentials. We will then provide a password for access.

Stay Tuned for Spice, Sweetness, and Surprises!

We invite you to stay connected with us. Sign up for updates, and be the first to know when the sizzling and sweet symphony of flavours is ready to hit the market. We can't wait to spice up your business ventures with Toad Sweat hot sauces!

the original Toad Sweat Dessert Hot Sauces!